Artisa plant based cheese in launceston

About OUR founder

Julie is a passionate foodie who has been vegetarian or vegan for half her life. She is also a trained molecular biologist. Her partner Roger has many years experience running small businesses and has a keen interest in the agronomic aspects of food for good health. Together they have combined their skills and experience to create a plant-based cheese-making enterprise that showcases the unique vegan friendly Tasmanian ingredients and flavours they love.

Taking inspiration from traditional cheese making, they are forging their own path in plant-based cheese production. It is a path that draws on their skills, passion and creative flair which they combine with the rigours of modern science; one that is leading them to be a premium producer of plant based cheeses that are uniquely Australian.

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Why people are talking

artisa cheese read our testimonials

OH YAYAYAYAY. My mum came in and you gave her two butters in your Launceston store for us, thank you so much. we LOVE your products.”

Suzi S - Facebook 2019

My partner and I visited early on a Friday morning and were greeted warmly, as if we were old friends.  We were given full reign to try any cheese (and butter!).  No pressure to buy anything but how could you not?! The cheese is incredible (and not just because it’s vegan) and innovative, with variety (blue, smoked, ash). Thank you for your efforts in creating truly wonderful products!

Irene J - Google review August 2019

Well done Julie, it’s great to see people so passionate about what they believe in.

Tracey H -Facebook

“Hi Guys – Just tried your melting cheese on a pizza and it tasted delicious. So creamy. Melted nicely. Doesn’t make me feel bad after too.

Andrew F -Sydney via email

“the cheeses are a godsend since I ditched dairy. Great table cheeses, their butter is really good too.

Lara F Google review September 2019

“If I could also let you know how ‘world-standard’ your cheese is. I travel for the airlines, and so have the privilege of frequenting the US (LA and New York) amongst other destinations. Being a foodie and health-food nut, I am always trying new products whilst in health food stores and delis – made from alternative sources (since I don’t do dairy). And I can honestly say, that no almond, cashew, walnut cheese bought in one of the health capitals of the world – LA, amongst other ports I visit -has ‘come close’ to your beautifully made Artisa cheese! A small round of cashew cheese in a Wholefood market or Mother’s (in LA which I frequent) is approximately US $11 to $15, so your cheeses are most reasonably priced too! Just thought you would like to know – since you’ve really made something spectacular tasting, I no longer need to go looking! We just need to have you up here in Brisbane gourmet deli’s and stores (The Stores, West End, James St market deli, Fortitude Valley etc.!!!!)
Please don’t hesitate to reach out, as my partner (whom loves your blue cheese and has eaten way too many rounds of it!!!!) and I – are huge proponents of your sublime mastery of cashew cheese, and will always vouch for your creatively-flavoured cheeses! Keep up the good work, and don’t be defeated in the market of cashew cheeses out there! Since you truly have a unique product!
Looking forward to your new upcoming creative cheese flavours and we are inspired to come down to Tassie (which we have been longing to do!) to swing by Artisa and devour on your beautiful cheese!  

Monica -West End, QLD via email

We tried a lot of different vegan cheeses and yours were hands down the best we sampled! 

Emma W - via email

“Lovely people, and so welcoming. They even had a cheese platter for us to try. Just get them all!

Michell L - Google review February 2019

“(re Ben Lomond cheese) Had some last night with onion jam and crackers – delicious!

Liz S- Facebook March 2019

This is the BEST vegan cheese I have ever had! Thank you!!!!    Had to force myself stop eating it so that there’s still some left for tomorrow

Karen S Facebook, September 2019

Recently I’ve ben really wanting some nice cheese and crackers. What the best vegan cheese, whether it be a recipe or bought online/in store. Biocheese and sheese really aren’t hitting the spot for me atm. Jess B > Vegans in Australia..

REPLY   I’ve tried so many cheeses and nothing comes close to , all my non vegan faily (who hated biocheese and the like) say it’s even nicer than dairy cheese  Jouliana B

from an Instagram feed

“So lovely to meet you over the weekend! It was really great to see the outlet and we loved the tour, so thank you! We absolutely loved the cheese! It was a real hit with Rxxx’s family so I think you’ll have a few regular customers come your way. The blue was a special favourite. We have trialled the butter and it works perfectly blended with walnuts and parsley. “

Sappho and Ryan via email June 2018

“The owner of this vegan cheese shop knows what she is doing! The best vegan cheese I’ve had in all of Australia. She comes from a microbiology background and I had a great time talking with her about the cheese making process from a scientific perspective. I can’t wait to get your cheese in South Australia!”

Sappho and Ryan via email June 2018, Chloe D - Google review April 2020