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We know what’s Beyond Meat, but what’s beyond cheese?

By Julie Martyn, PhD - Founder of Artisa. It seems everyone wants a slice of the plant based meat pie right now! I’m sure we’ve all heard of the phenomenal recent growth in this sector. Beyond Meat was the first plant based meat company to be publicly listed, and with interest from venture capitalists, tech giants including Bill Gates, and celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio, its success was such that it’s shares soared 163% in their first day of trading in May 2019. Even amidst...

May 21, 2020

Are truffles vegan?

 A few people have asked me this question since I posted a picture of fresh truffles on my social media last week. It's a good question, and one which I have thought about quite a bit. Here is what I think....A truffle is the fruiting body of a fungus called Tuber melanosporum in the same way that a button mushroom is the fruiting body of a fungus called Agaricus bisporus. Are mushrooms vegan? Of course they are, so what’s the issue with truffles? Commercially grown tr...

June 23, 2018

Pairing Artisa Cheese with Tasmanian Wines!

In late April, Artisa held a Cheese and Wine evening at our cheesery at Prospect, Tasmania. A  great time was most definitely had by all! We prepared a variety of delicious dishes featuring or complementing our plant based cheeses. These were accompanied by some beautiful vegan friendly Tasmanian wines and beers. Part of the evening involved recording and discussing the pairing of some selected Tasmanian wines  with our cheeses.The totally unscientific results of the tas...

May 10, 2018

Cheese notes from Dr Martyn's lab

Our topic for this blog is the use of probiotic starter cultures in plant based cheese making. One of the interesting things about being a plant based cheese maker is that we don’t have generations of past experience to draw upon. It is a relatively new food application that has emerged in parallel with the recent increased interest in a vegan or plant based diet. So what can we learn from previous generations of dairy cheesemakers, or from the makers of other fermented foods such as...

May 7, 2018

Vegan cheese lovers guide to Valentines Day

I feel like the flower growers and the chocolatiers have Valentines Day way too easy with their seductive red roses and their delectable confectionery. For the vegan cheesemakers of the world though, Valentines Day can seem like a bit of a challenge. We really need to stretch some creative muscle to sell the romance of cheese! Fortunately, I love a challenge, and research is my thing, so I’m prepared to put in the effort to show all you vegan cheeselovers out there just how romantic cheese can...

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