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Artisa  makes vegan friendly plant based cheeses in Launceston,  Tasmania. The cheeses are cashew nut based, non dairy (no  lactose) and gluten free. Our cheeses are cultured with non-dairy probiotics and feature ingredients and flavours grown or processed from Tasmania.

We are committed to ensuring that those who are dairy free need no longer miss out on the pleasure of eating cheese. 

Made with only the very best of ingredients, Artisa cheeses look, taste and smell as quality cheeses should.  Have a look at what people say about Artisa cheese!

Like many food businesses, Artisa is currently being negatively impacted by the  Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In this time of social distancing and lockdowns of non-essential businesses  we are experiencing a substantial decrease in our sales to resellers as well as through our own shop front. Furthermore, the Harvest Market is closed and sales through their online platform are still untested.

In response to these challenges, we would love to encourage customers to order directly through our website. To make this more attractive, we are now offering free shipping for all online orders of Artisa cheese for orders of $65 or more (for any combination of cheeses).

NB:  A shipping charge of $38 (the actual cost involved in packaging and shipping) will otherwise apply to product orders totalling less than $65.

All of our cheeses except the Ben Lomond have a shelf life of at least two months and they can be frozen for even longer storage. The Ben Lomond should be consumed within a month of purchase, but we know that your biggest problem there will be trying not to eat it all at once!

New Product - Artisa Cheese Kits

Beat the lockdown blues with our new Artisa Cheese making Kits. With these kits you can make your own plant based cultured cashew based vegan cheeses in your own home.

Get an Artisa Cheese Kit STARTERPack or Artisa Cheese Kit STARTER PLUS Pack and make healthy and delicious non dairy plant based chevre style cheeses for around half that of a store bought Artisa cheese. Developed by Artisa's head cheese maker, these kits allow you to make cheeses every bit as good Artisa's legendary own products.

Get a  an Artisa Cheese TOP-UP Pack and continue to make cheeses at a fraction of the cost - at just a few dollars each. 

Visit our online shop to learn more.


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